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The Burma-Shave® sign accompanying this certificate is a genuine, original road sign.  It is typical of the set of 6 rhyming signs that were placed along U.S. roads advertising the Burma-Shave® brand of men’s grooming products manufactured by the Burma-Vita Company from circa 1927 to 1963.  The sign actually graced a roadway as one of a 6-sign set in the Upper Midwest sometime between ---- and 1956.  As Mr. Milo Kaizer, Burma-Vita sign installer, would remove or replace signs he used them as attic floor boards in his NE Minneapolis home.  The home was purchased by Bob & Dorothy Havrilak in 1957.  The signs have been in the custody of the Havrilak family for the past 50 years.


The specific Burma-Shave® sign was designed and manufactured as part of the ---- advertising program.


Robert J. Havrilak, Jr.


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