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        Entertainment--With animation, a tribute to Burma-Shave signs, JavaScript magic, a dancing baby, a Midi Jukebox, satellite tracking/viewing information, and a Spice Girls image warper.

Thank you for stopping at Grant's Central Station.                    

Within the station's walls are entertainment, nostalgia, and information.

I hope your visit is enjoyable and you'll come back again during future travels.

-- Grant

See dozens of satellites nightly! Catch the New Wave of Burma-Shave! EarthCam A Dancing Baby! Midi Jukebox and Rockwell the Magician! Warp the Spice Girls ! Send or Pick Up a Free Internet Greeting Card or use Grant's Wacky Letter from Camp Generator !

Catch the New Wave of Burma-Shave!
Send me your Roadside-Rhyme
No Java-enabled browser = No cool sign.
Catch the New Wave of Burma-Shave!
This week's blue signs
submitted by:

Rick Ebdon of Oban, Scotland

Grant says: My first glance at Rick's verse had me running to my dictionary. Turned out to be a winner AND I learned a new word.

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