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Picture Supplement to the October Rearview Mirror

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All photos by David F. Barry (1854-1934) unless noted.

Chief Sitting Bull's camp just south of Standing Rock Agency in 1883 before moving 40 miles further south in the reservation.

Corn drying on a rack made of tree branches between two tipis on the Standing Rock Reservation.

An Indian council on Standing Rock Reservation. Group of Dakota Indian males sitting in a circle inside large open-sided tipi with center pole.

Dedication of monument in 1886 at Standing Rock Agency. Sitting Bull stands to left of the monument; James McLaughlin, is to the right of monument; Louis Primeau, interpreter, is behind post.

Group portrait of five white men seated outside at Standing Rock Agency. Major James McLaughlin is in center.

Census taking at Standing Rock Agency, Dakota Territory. Large group of men, women, and Dakota Indians gathered around two tables. Major McLaughlin is seated at table on left and Chief Gall is standing between tables holding a cane.

Indians at Standing Rock Agency gathered around and inside fenced area waiting for cattle to be butchered and distributed for rations.

Council meeting in Standing Rock Agency. Dakota Indians gathered near two-story brick building with some standing on staircase to second floor of the building. Group of Indian women sitting in foreground.

Portrait of Second Sioux Commission of 1888 appointed by President Grover Cleveland to further break up the Great Sioux Native American Nation and Territory; left to right: Reverend William J. Cleveland, seated; Major James McLaughlin (not part of the Commission), standing; Judge John V. Wright of Tennessee, standing; and Captain Richard Henry Pratt, Chairman of the Commission, seated.

1889 council meeting in Standing Rock Agency. Large group of Dakota Indians gathered around a podium with Judge John V. Wright of Tennessee, appointed to 1888 Second Sioux Commission, on podium behind table holding piece of paper. A large map of the Sioux Indian Reservation in the Dakotas is mounted above podium.

1889 council meeting in Standing Rock Agency. Judge John V. Wright of Tennessee is standing behind table on podium with eye glasses (Wright was appointed to Second Sioux Commission of 1888 to further break up the Dakota Nation). Major James McLaughlin is seated behind table to Wright's left. Women with fans and majority of group is sitting in shade of the building.

Fort Yates, next to Standing Rock Agency, was officially designated to guard the agency. Officers and soldiers in full military uniform standing in line mustered for inspection on parade grounds.

The funeral of the Standing Rock Agency Indian Police who were killed during the attempted arrest of Sitting Bull.

A civilian burial party stands by their wagon filled with the frozen bodies of Dakota Sioux Indians on Jan. 1, 1891 after the massacre at Wounded Knee, SD. Mounted U.S. Army officers look on from the hill. Over 300 Indian men, women, and children were killed on the Pine Ridge Reservation shortly after the death of Sitting Bull.
Photo by Northwestern Photo Co., Chadron, NE

Sitting Bull's two wives (Her-Four-Robes and Seen-by-the-Nation) and daughters outside their log cabin after Sitting Bull's death.

Sitting Bull's cabin and his two wives and daughters after Sitting Bull's death.

Dakota Indian students and white teachers outside school on Standing Rock Reservation ca. 1892. The school near Grand River was named Sitting Bull School after his death.

Dakota Indian women at a Catholic mission on Standing Rock Reservation. Many of the women have head coverings, shawls around shoulders, medallions or medals on ribbons around neck, and dresses. Two women are each holding an infant. A religious banner with crucifix is behind group.

Council meeting in 1909 at the Devils Lake Agency, North Dakota. Major McLaughlin, Indian Inspector, is seated to right.

Major James McLaughlin, head and shoulders studio portrait taken in 1915 in Superior, WI.

Photographer David F. Barry and Major McLaughlin, seated.

James McLaughlin (center) at 1917 ceremony granting citizenship to qualified Indians.

The Major James McLaughlin Stampede is a rodeo held each June in McLaughlin, SD.
Photo by Grant McLaughlin

Dakota Native Americans of present-day Standing Rock Reservation present a wacapi (pow-wow) every August at Fort Yates, ND.
Photo by Grant McLaughlin

The sacred Standing Rock is still upon its pedestal in Fort Yates, ND.
Photo by Grant McLaughlin

In 1959, the remains of Sitting Bull were moved to this site west of Mobridge, SD. The monument was sculpted by Mount Rushmore creator Korczak Ziolkowski.
Photo by Grant McLaughlin

Sitting Bull's monument overlooks the Missouri River.
Photo by Grant McLaughlin