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Q:  Where did the Dancing Baby come from, and how was this particular version of the baby made?

A:  I did not create the dancing baby.  It was a sample file in the Kinetix Character Studio and 3D Studio Max products.  Both the Character Studio software and dancing baby sample were created by Unreal Pictures Inc (of Palo Alto, CA) for Kinetix, the multimedia division of Autodesk.  The original baby movie (.avi) file was put together and distributed on the net by Ron Lussier.

I converted the large .avi movie file into a smaller, looping "animated gif" graphics file using VideoCraft GIF Animator, a shareware program available at  www.shareware.com.  Using VideoCraft, individual images can also be merged into an animated gif.  If you bring Baby home with you by saving the .gif file to your hard drive, you will find that a regular graphics program will not display the animation - the animation only works in a web browser.

Now that I had the Baby ready to dance, I needed something good for him to dance to.  I listening to dozens of midi (digital music) files to find one that had a tempo that matched Baby's dance, and had a guitar for him to strum to.  I chose a rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls Of Fire", and embedded it into the page.

There are many versions of Baby on the net, and a good resource to see more from the creator Ron Lussier is the Official Dancing Baby Page.

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