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Setoff Site of the Day

Grant's Central Station was chosen as "Setoff Site of the Day" in the Interest category for October 26, 1998.

Shield of Excellence 1998

I am pleased to advise that your website has been awarded the Shield of Excellence 1998. The site is well designed and full of interesting and original content. I most enjoyed the warping of the spice girls....what a laugh...grin.

Elite Site Award

Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design.

Wenatchee Eagles Club Award

CONGRATULATIONS: We are very pleased and honored to present you with our "SPECIAL" Eagles Club Award for your outstanding site. Your site qualified for our award under these catalogories: 1.Family Safe Site 2.Graphics and background 3.Variety and information 4.Easy to read and follow 5.I LIKED IT (and that's hard to do).

TheLaughIn Best on the Net Award

Congratulations: After viewing your web page: Catch the New Wave of Burma-Shave, we would like to honor you with TheLaughIn "Best on the Net Award". Your site qualifies for this award by including variety, information, graphics, and content which is easy read and understood. Once again, the staff at TheLaughIn congratulates you for a great job!

Mac's Picks of the Week

Hi! This is to inform you that your site has been picked as one of "Mac's Picks of the Week" for one week, starting 3/23/99. Sites picked as one of my "Picks of the Week" are picked on their merit as being interesting, informative, useful, or just plain fun to the web community at large. The main criteria for those pages picked is that they must be able to be visited by all members of a household, regardless of age or sex.

Surfin' Pick Of The Day

You got SPOTD! Your site is the Surfin' Pick Of The Day for April 17, 1999!

And once again as the Surfin' Pick Of The Day for August 14, 1999!

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